Arm yourself for the worst case scenario

For a long time, the focus of cybersecurity was exclusively on protection against attacks. But in the face of increasingly sophisticated, dynamic and polymorphic threats, companies are well advised to also prepare for the scenario of a successful attack - for example, by setting the course for the timely detection of intruders in the network and for the efficient repair of damage.

As part of our cyber defence services, we support you in the proactive detection of attack scenarios, the evaluation of security-relevant events and the continuous validation of your security measures. This gives you full transparency over your cybersecurity risks and enables you to remain capable of acting even in the event of an attack.

Our modular service offer includes the following areas:


Added value from Controlware

Vulnerability Management Service (VMS)

Advanced Log Analysis (ALA)

Advanced Threat Detection (ATD)

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR/XDR)

Managed SOC

Vulnerability Assessment

Compromise Assessment


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