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Data Center

Our consultants provide you with comprehensive advice on the implementation or modernisation of your data centre and cloud environment - either as part of standardised consulting packages or individual consulting services.

Data Center Performance Analysis

Make your data centre fit for the future: Our experts advise you on the design, configuration and installation of your infrastructure and optimally match the performance to support your business objectives.

HCI Consulting Workshop Phase 1: Comparison HCI versus 3-Tier Architecture

Controlware offers you a consulting service in which we systematically document the technical requirements for the new data centre infrastructure together with you in a workshop. In this way, the initial conditions of your corporate IT are recorded and framework parameters are considered that can influence a target architecture and the future design. As a result, you receive documentation of the collected data and requirements, which serve as input for the creation of a high-level design.

HCI Consulting Workshop Phase 2: HCI Technology Consulting

HCI is a reliable and economical approach for almost all use cases in IT. However, it is important to find the right HCI solution for the respective use case. We offer you a consulting service that lays the foundation for a technically and economically viable HCI solution in your company. During a workshop, we record your requirements for the HCI solution. The infrastructure of your company relevant for an integration of HCI systems is systematically recorded. In addition, the framework parameters that influence the future design of the new data centre infrastructure are recorded. In this way, a rough concept is created in dialogue between you and an HCI expert from Controlware, in which the use of HCI technology in your company is outlined.

HCI Consultation Workshop Phase 3: HCI Assessment

To bring the IT infrastructure up to date, it is important to understand how workloads in a heterogeneous environment behave and influence each other over time. Controlware experts measure the current IT infrastructure and assess it for suitability for an HCI solution. We identify the actual needs of your applications in order to adapt your new IT infrastructure to your requirements in a precise and thus cost-effective manner. Controlware supports you with the HCI assessment to overcome these challenges in a short time - and this with a holistic view of both your IT landscape and your workload data.

Veeam Backup Health Check

As part of the consulting service, we analyse your backup infrastructure and show you its optimisation potential and security risks.

Modern backup concepts

Many companies and organisations use Veeam Backup & Replication, CommVault, Dell Data Protection solutions or other backup software to protect virtualised workloads. The installation and administration of these tools in OnPrem environments has been known for years. As infrastructure environments continue to grow and are now very often hybrid through the use of cloud infrastructures, the requirements for today's data protection solutions are changing.

Microsoft Exchange Assessment

We advise you on the use of IaaS and Paas services from leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Further information:
Schatten-IT-Audit – Überprüfen Sie Ihre Cloud-SaaS-Umgebung


Cloud Security Assessment

Most security incidents related to cloud environments result from human error The use of cloud services creates many opportunities for companies to gain speed and agility in the context of digitalisation.

At the same time, headlines about security incidents related to cloud environments are on the rise (e.g. data breaches through publicly accessible AWS S3
buckets). Is the cloud therefore insecure?

M365 Security Checkup

Checking 70 security-critical settings in your cloud environment.

The Microsoft Office365 Security Checkup from Controlware makes it possible to check security-relevant settings on the basis of best practice experience. To ensure that the latest security incidents can also be taken into account, the latest brand-new findings are constantly incorporated here - from worldwide experience. In addition to the identification of security risks, you receive concrete recommendations for action.

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Security Active Directory Assessment

Almost all companies use authentication and authorisation based on Microsoft Active Directory (AD). Central business-critical applications and services use the information from the AD and enrich it with their own data. For this reason, the entire company is usually affected when disruptions occur in the directory service. The operators of an Active Directory infrastructure therefore bear a great responsibility.

Public Cloud Services

Benefit from the potential of market-leading hyperscalers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform - or opt for a solution hosted entirely in Germany with the Controlware Cloud.

Modern cloud technologies make your company more productive, flexible and efficient - but they also come with new challenges. Our experts help you to optimally exploit the potential of your cloud strategy without compromising on security or compliance. We support you in the planning, design, implementation and operation of public cloud solutions in the following areas:


Controlware supports you in the planning and implementation of your single, hybrid or multi-cloud environment. As part of modular consulting packages, we work with you to develop an individual migration strategy and support you in the company-wide implementation.


Controlware is your reliable partner for building and implementing complex cloud environments and applications such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google GCP - also with a view to integrating HashiCorp and other third-party solutions.


Once the cloud environment is implemented, you can choose to manage and operate it yourself or transfer it to Controlware. Our managed service model ranges from the provision of software services hosted in Germany to the operation of the solutions and can be expanded at any time as needed to optimally relieve you.

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Data Center & Cloud Operations

Set the course for efficient operation and sustainable automation of your on-premises and cloud architecture with modern management systems.

  • Service Portal
  • Automation
  • Cloud Management Systems
  • System Management
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management

Set the course for the future with innovative virtualisation technologies in the area of Software-Defined Storage, Software-Defined Networking and Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

  • Server virtualisation
  • Software-Defined Networking
  • SD Data Center Networks

Optimise the computing power of your data centre: We advise you on the selection of the right architecture and hardware, set up the virtualisation layer and operate your server infrastructure on request.

  • Server
  • Integrated Systems

Work with our experts to develop an economical storage concept that meets your requirements for performance, availability and throughput at all times.

  • Storage Systems
  • Backup & Recovery
Data Center Security

The data centre is the nerve centre of your company. We help you find the right mix of effective security technologies and processes for the data centre.

  • Firewalling (NGFW & UTM)
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Secure DNS/DHCP
  • Privileged Account Management
Data Center Networks

Virtualisation, fabric switching and convergence concepts shape the network architectures of modern data centres - and enable you to ensure secure, high-performance and highly available provision of applications and IT services.

  • Data Center Switching
  • Software-Defined Data Center Networking
  • Application Delivery Controller
Passive Infrastructure

If your data centre is to provide highly available services reliably at all times, the IT systems must be built on a solid passive data centre foundation. Our experts are happy to help you lay a sustainable foundation for your data centre.

We support you in the planning, installation and operation of innovative high-performance solutions in the following areas:

  • Basic IT infrastructure (racks, cabling)
  • Data centre basic infrastructure (power, UPS, air conditioning)

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