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Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest threats to businesses, public authorities and municipalities. Often, compromises go undetected, leaving valuable response times unused. Significant disruptions within IT infrastructures and resulting impairments of business processes as well as reputational losses are the result.

With the AI-supported "Compromise Assessment", Controlware supports customers with detailed information about their IT infrastructure and identifies existing inventory compromises.

A modern Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution is used here, which is implemented on a selected number of clients and servers. These EDR clients analyse data and processes on the endpoints with the aim of detecting abnormal behaviour, attacker techniques and active malware. Based on the corresponding events, our analysts in the Security Operations Centre (SOC) analyse and evaluate the incidents and compromises. The result includes a qualified assessment of the security and risk situation.  If serious security incidents are detected during the assessment, the customer receives instructions on how to deal with the specific threat.

Services provided by Controlware

  • Provision of the EDR solution for the term of the Controlware Compromise Assessment
  • Support for the roll-out of the endpoint agents
  • Security incident analysis of the EDR events by SOC analysts
  • Alerting in case of serious security incidents
  • Final report or presentation of the results within the framework of a video or telephone conference
  • Consultative and accompanying support in the implementation of recommendations for action


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