Visit our Controlware Park

Behind Controlware's corporate headquarters in Dietzenbach, company founder Helmut Wörner had a large park laid out that is open to the public during the day and also invites employees to linger.

Both garden and high-tech fascinate those who create them. Both are similar in many ways. Just as trees, flowers and shrubs change with the seasons, ICT technology is subject to constant change - often faster than the seasons change.

In the long term, gardens will only remain beautiful and high-tech will only remain successful if those responsible care for them and drive them forward - and do so with passion, wisdom and foresight. In this respect, nature is a good guide for running businesses. Just as nature is constantly renewing itself, companies must also constantly evolve. This is the only way to prevent gardens from becoming wilderness and companies from becoming museum-like.

Controlware Park
Waldstrasse 92
63128 Dietzenbach

Summer impressions

Winter impressions