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As part of the Vulnerability Management Service, an unlimited number of vulnerability & remediation scans are available to you, which you can choose to carry out independently or with the support of our experts.

In addition, we are of course also available to provide you with advice and support in the development of transparent scan policies and assist you in the evaluation and prioritisation of vulnerabilities within the framework of Threat Advisories.

It goes without saying that our security experts are available to you as permanent contacts for all questions regarding vulnerability remediation during the entire term of the services.

Optionally, it is possible to supplement the Vulnerability Management Services with support services in the areas of patch management, system hardening, system isolation and architecture consulting.

The Vulnerability Management Service includes the following SOC services:

Asset Discovery & Control

As part of the Asset Discovery & Control module, we record all active systems in the IT landscape and create a traceable, web-based asset inventory that is updated as part of regular discovery scans. In this way, you maintain complete transparency over your IT landscape at all times.

Scanning & Remediation

The Scanning & Remediation module includes internal and external vulnerability scans that are performed regularly at configurable intervals using market-leading vulnerability scanners. Identified vulnerabilities can be automated or manually assigned for further action.

Alerting & Reporting

The Alerting & Reporting module provides a web-based dashboard with up-to-date statistics on the security status of your network. Regular reports for different target groups keep stakeholders informed about the status.

On-Demand Scanning

Ad-hoc scans can be carried out at any time as part of the On-Demand Scanning module. For example, you can verify whether detected vulnerabilities have been successfully fixed or search for newly discovered threats.

Treat Advisor

As part of the Threat Advisor module, we provide you with one of our security experts as a contact person. This person initiates status meetings at regular intervals and advises you, for example, on the assessment and prioritisation of vulnerabilities or the optimisation of asset control. Any conceptual improvement possibilities can also be addressed within the framework of the Threat Advisories.

Business Process Control (optional)

Business Process Control is based on the approach that, in the event of a critical vulnerability, all recorded processes that are linked to the affected asset are automatically marked as being at risk. This makes it possible to notify asset and process managers immediately and to develop a strategy for risk minimisation at an early stage.


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