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Paragon Data headquartered in Friedrichsdorf close to Frankfurt am Main is an innovative IT service provider in the DBH Buch Handels GmbH & Co. KG Group. Paragon Data operates the dater centre for the parent company and supports more than 100 branches with a high-performance, secure and stable IT infrastructure. Each of these branches has up to 80,000 items in stock and over 10 million producible items. Moreover, Paragon Data provides centralised services, such as consulting services, application development, service desk, data centre operation and much more for internal Group customers as well as external customers.

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Internet and Information Technology


  • Web Application Firewalling /Load Balancing F5


  • Paragon would like to transfer the existing SOAP-based customer integration to a web-based architecture for an important customer.
  • The customer’s applications must be protected equally from web-based internal and external attacks.
  • The project objective was to integrate an additional protective layer for web-applications with the assistance of a dedicated web application firewall (based on consistent white listing).

Services & Solutions

  • Support for commissioning
  • Upgrading the hardware, the existing platform has been replaced with an affordable new model. 
  • The bandwidth requirement at Paragon and the end customer were analysed and a prognosis for the future throughput requirements was prepared. 
  • An extremely future-oriented and high-performance platform from the solution portfolio of F5 Networks was used (BIG-IP 2000s with a layer-7-throughput of 5 Gbps and approx. 75,000 layer-4-connections per second).

    Advantages & Benefits

    • The innovative new security platform combines reliable protection at the user level with high-performance load balancing.
    • An efficient and secure operation of critical applications is guaranteed.
    • The F5-solution is providing an integral architecture for DoS- and DDos-defence.
    • Based on the positive experience with the BIG-IP-Platform this solution can also be offered to other customers as a managed service.
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    F5 Networks
    F5 Networks

    F5 (NASDAQ: FFIV) offers solutions for a world full of applications. F5 helps companies to scale cloud systems, data centres and software-defined networks (SDNs) in order to provide the best possible supply of applications for everyone, anywhere and anytime. F5’s solutions give IT an open, scalable structure and provide support via a strong network of partners and alliances of leading suppliers in the technology and data centres sector. This approach enables clients to develop an infrastructure that will satisfy future requirements. Leading groups and international companies, service providers and public service institutions rely on F5 when it comes to cloud, security and mobility trends. For further information go to Follow @F5networksde on Twitter or visit us on Facebook to find out more about F5 and its partners and technologies.

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