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Sana IT Services GmbH (SIT) is a subsidiary of Sana Kliniken AG, which is the third-largest private hospital group in Germany and one of the most important providers of integrated healthcare services. The company, which was not listed on the stock exchange, was founded in 1976 with the aim of providing top-quality, broad-ranged medical care. The company has 50 hospitals, 2.2 million patients and more than 32,000 employees. The turnover is around EUR 2.4 billion. Sana IT Services GmbH provides services that include the strategic, cost-effective and sustainable planning, further development, optimisation and operation of the IT landscape of Sana Kliniken AG. The 200+ employees are responsible for the IT needs, application strategies, standards and IT security of the entire group.

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Health Service


  • Controlware – service provider for the IT of the Sana group of companies


    • Support for the maintenance and optimisation of the IT infrastructure of the Sana group of companies
    • Protection against unauthorised access
    • Setting up a secure infrastructure that connects all locations

      Services & Solutions

        • Consultation, conceptualisation, planning, implementation and project management
        • Procurement and customising of the components required
        • Assessment and introduction of new technologies
        • Controlware Care Services with Service Desk, Expert Hotline & Remote Diagnosis as well as On-site Service

          Advantages & Benefits

            • A partner for telecommunications and information technology
            • Trust through long-standing partnership
            • Short information paths with the service provider simplifies customer processes
            • High-level expertise in the field of IT security
            • Reliability, sustainability
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