Designing router networks for wide area infrastructures is far more complex than they would appear at first sight.

Typical issues that need to be taken into account when implementing this type of router network include:

  • Segmenting
  • Bandwidth demand – now and in the future
  • Minimising latency and delays
  • Quality of Service settings
  • Policy-based routing
  • Increase in multicast traffic
  • Network stability, reliability and 24/7 operations
  • Configuration management
  • Cost management and investment protection
  • IPv6
  • Autonomous systems and BGP
  • Interfaces and protocols
  • NAT, PAT, firewalling

In selecting the right hardware for you, we take these and other issues into account. Where required we will not only do the installation and provide support but also operate your network (managed service). In the event of any disruption we will work with you on-site to find an ideal solution – even if you did not buy the components concerned through Controlware.

High quality connections to subsidiaries, partner companies and suppliers are usually very expensive. So savings are often made on bandwidth and redundancy. As a result, the data transmission paths available are frequently slow and temperamental.

Link load balancing, i.e. intelligently distributing loads and requests to multiple wide area routes of varying quality, opens up entirely new possibilities. You can administer and optimally use multiple connections from different providers, and isolate them from each other. So you no longer need to rely on one transmission path, and you often achieve a ROI within a few months.

With link load balancing you benefit from:

  • Route and provider redundancy
  • Better utilisation and fewer expensive WAN lines
  • High availability for critical business applications
  • A better user experience as routes are selected and bandwidths assigned dynamically and for specific applications

Controlware was one of the first companies in Germany to market components for creating WAN infrastructures and, with our vast experience, we will help you to plan, implement, operate and troubleshoot your wide area network.

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