Because companies are increasingly running business-critical workloads and business processes in the cloud there is a growing need to integrate cloud-sourced services directly into WAN architectures as a cost-efficient approach to guaranteeing the performance, availability and security of these workloads or applications.

The following are put forward as the essential advantages of a software-defined WAN over a classic approach:

  • Reduction or elimination of dependence on expensive MPLS connections
  • Reduction in the overprovisioning of WAN lines
  • Utilization of the best transmission path available through application-dependent dynamic traffic management
  • Reduction of broadband needs using integrated WAN optimization technologies
  • Visualization of WAN usage through monitoring and analytics
  • Easy rollout and hardware replacement through zero-touch provisioning

Admittedly there is no clear definition of what SD-WAN exactly is. Consequently, we see some offers, for example, which concentrate on WAN virtualization but leave IT security to third party providers. Other offers place IT security at the forefront, but exhibit weaknesses in classic routing or in WAN optimization. Even some of the differences in licensing models and available service level agreements are not inconsiderable.

Controlware offers you:

  • Advice and use analysis
  • Offer analysis
  • Proof of concept (PoC)
  • Commissioning and rollout
  • Support (care service)
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