Traffic Optimization

Most companies turn to traffic optimisation because users are complaining about slow access, limited availability and quality, and unstable applications. This is sometimes purely due to too little bandwidth and long delays. However, for wide area networks, unsuitable protocols are also often the reason for applications failing to run properly.

To achieve long-term traffic optimisation we combine protocol optimisation technologies with mechanisms such as quality of service, traffic shaping, data compression and file caching. By combining these methods, bandwidth usage often falls by 70 to 95 % and application performance improves by 10 to 95 %.

At Controlware we have a great deal of experience in handling these optimisation methods and we offer bespoke solutions for your deployment scenario. Depending on the extent of the measures involved, a ROI may often be seen within a year. Your expensive WAN connections can often also be downsized, leading to further cost savings.

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