Industry 4.0

The buzzword “Industry 4.0” refers to the next major technological shift which German industry will have to face in the near future – the increased networking of products and systems (“Internet of Things and Services”, or IOT) is becoming ever more familiar to companies. Technologies such as cloud computing and big data are only preparing the way for coming developments. For example, in the medium term, the fieldbus, SPS and SCADA systems are expected to merge into an IP-based network in which the systems involved act autonomously and are managed by service-based, cyber-physical intelligence.

The challenges that the industry faces include, for example:

  • Maximum availability, sometimes for decades
  • Real-time requirements and personal security
  • Increasing M2M communication with no IoT standards
  • Integration of non-IP hardware
  • Integration of unpatched systems with ageing operating systems
  • Conversion of industry protocols
  • Integration of mobile terminals beyond network boundaries
  • Remote maintenance capability
  • Modified IT security strategies

Choosing the right partner is critical if a company is to be successful in this exciting new market. Controlware has excellent experience in the production IT, office IT and IT security areas, and can help you to meet the difficult challenges.

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Team Network Solutions
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