When network connections fail in the broadcasting sector, even for very short periods, the risks are enormous. So stable links are extremely critical for broadcasters – for the contribution network, distribution network and office network alike. Optimum stability is also a must in terms of transmission quality, since consumers experience even tiny technical glitches rapidly and transparently.

In the wide area sector, the requirements in terms of transmission rates vary widely: HD-SDI, SD-SDI, 3G-SDI, JPEG 2000, ASI and AES/EBU signals – and, in the future, 12G UHD-SDI (4K) too – are used in equal measure, but all of them can be reproduced with suitable technologies such as IP-MPLS, DTM and xWDM. Which technology and which vendor should be used in each case usually depends on the characteristics of the particular site.

Controlware understands what matters in the media industry. We even integrated NON-IP hardware into the systems, provide end-to-end management and enable TV technicians to operate the switching software. Why not put our skills to the test?

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