Data Center Switching

The traditional 3-layer architecture model used in most data centers, with core, aggregation and access layers, is not entirely suitable for modern, increasingly virtualised data center environments and SDN-based networks. The trend is very clearly towards network infrastructures with Ethernet fabrics which are usually built into a so-called leaf-spine architecture. However, despite all the advantages offered by the new model, in practice the idea always has to be evaluated with great care.

Typical issues associated with data center switching include:

  • Ease of administration
  • Form factor
  • Performance
  • SDN integration
  • Stability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Future-proofing

Controlware can offer a wide range of consultancy and installation and support services related to data center switching – and we also have great expertise in many related areas such as SDN, SDDC, convergent infrastructures, data center infrastructures, application delivery, IT management and data security.

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