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The service desk is the key to successful customer communication and is the interface between the IT provider and their customers – whether it involves the external customers of a managed services provider, or the staff within one’s own company.
As a “single point of contact”, the service desk is tasked with feeding the incidents that are reported through to a series of other processes. These include classifying and assigning the incidents, and deciding who will be the contact for resolving the issue. This often involves downstream support groups who are organised along the lines of particular specialities. They are given all the available information about the reported problem, so that they are able to keep the “time to fix” as short as possible.

Typical service desk issues include:

  • Single point of contact for all service and support queries
  • Optimising “time to fix”
  • Root cause analysis
  • Integration into ITIL V2 and V3 processes

Controlware will help you to design, implement and operate your service desk. As a vastly experienced managed services provider we will ensure that the solution is high-performing, stable and cost-effective, or we can operate it either in part or full if required.

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Team IT-Management
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