Asset & Inventory Management

Anyone wishing to make sound decisions about their future IT needs to understand what assets they have in their infrastructure. To achieve this, the systems need to be entered into a database (Configuration Management Database, CMDB) with the appropriate level of detail – and then maintained throughout the entire life cycle. This enables you to establish the basis for optimising the depreciation cycles of your IT business assets and your budget plans. Besides these economic issues, careful inventory management also improves the security of your infrastructure, since you prevent vulnerabilities caused by unpatched or out-of-date systems.

Typical issues in the Asset & Inventory management area include:

  • Removing installations that are not required
  • Identifying and removing security vulnerabilities
  • Licence management
  • Investment planning
  • Knowing exactly how much software you have
  • Preparing for audits

Controlware has extensive experience of asset & inventory management in companies of all sizes. Our experts can help you to plan, implement and operate a bespoke, ITIL-based CMDB and guarantee you total transparency of your assets.

Team IT-Management


Team IT-Management
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