EventLog & Syslog Monitoring

An effective monitoring system usually includes two approaches. Firstly, system management actively queries the status information of system components and, secondly, it waits passively for notifications and log information from the components.

But the monitoring systems in large corporate networks in particular are absolutely inundated with system and event logs. As a result, the monitoring administrator has a tough job identifying and correlating the incidents in the network that are really important. The logs back up and IT’s “vision” is reduced.

Typical issues in the event log & syslog monitoring area include:

  • Recording, storing and processing log information in real time
  • Support for as many information sources as possible (routers, switches, firewalls, servers, applications)
  • Correlating the data received and creating your own correlation rules
  • Data correlation as the basis for further investigation when security events occur
  • Wide range of reporting options
  • Search options for log files
  • Encrypting the saved log files
  • Reports in real time via SMS or email

Controlware can help you to get on top of the mass of log information. Our experts will help you to select, implement and operate suitable tools and show you how can effectively save, and further process, log information.

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Team IT-Management
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