Configuration & Change Management

The demands placed on the IT department keep growing. Other business areas are demanding far more agility and flexibility than before, particularly when new applications are being integrated or existing ones modified.

From the IT perspective, it is vital that these demands are satisfied systematically. Configuring system components is comparable to open heart surgery, so it should be done neither thoughtlessly nor hastily. Even a minor configuration error in a core router can cause the entire network to collapse.

Typical issues in the configuration & change management area include:

  • Standardising  processes when configurations are being managed and changed
  • Backing up and archiving configuration data
  • Monitoring configuration changes and preventing unauthorised changes
  • Regular, automated checks of configurations to ensure they comply with rules
  • Automating time-intensive, recurring changes, including on multiple systems
  • Speedier adaptation of IT to meet business needs
  • Reducing risk of service interruptions
  • Providing a good data basis for other processes such as incident management and troubleshooting
  • Establishing transparent change processes

Controlware helps you to anchor your configuration and change management procedures to be an integral part of your existing IT service management processes. Building on this, we will use custom tools to help you to implement and operate a methodology which is tailored to your company.

Team IT-Management


Team IT-Management
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