Many DNS servers run with outdated software and are incorrectly configured, so they are susceptible to attacks. To effectively protect your network you need to integrate the DNS and DHCP protocols and the IP address management system into your company-wide security strategy.

Controlware’s secure, scalable Network Identity Appliance, with its extensive range of services, gives you valuable assistance in creating protected IP networks. So your company will not only benefit from more efficient management but will also work more securely than with the widely used, software-based “build-your-own-server” solutions.

The Network Identity Appliance improves the security, reliability and scalability of your infrastructure and cuts project costs over the long term, e.g.:

  • New network infrastructure design
  • Server consolidation
  • Migration/roll-out of Microsoft Active Directory
  • Redesign/design the DMZ
  • Voice-over-IP
  • Wireless/port authentication via 802.1x
  • Virtualisation

Controlware can help you to plan and implement your projects in the DNS/DHCP and IP address management area.

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Team Information Security
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