Intrusion Detection & Prevention

These days Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) are not just used to detect and block attacks in real time – in many companies they are also a key pillar in patch management.

IT departments are continuously wrestling with new vulnerabilities. This seemingly never-ending process ties up valuable time and resources and makes it almost impossible for IT to keep all of its systems thoroughly up to the latest patch version. Modern IPS systems are capable of automatically blocking dangerous exploits before a patch has been applied or even published – and, with their virtual patching, they provide valuable protection during this critical time window.

There is a basic distinction between two types of IPS, depending on the way they work:

  • The HIPS (host-based IPS) runs on a system (endpoint/server)
  • The NIPS (network-based IPS), in contrast, monitors the network traffic

IPS systems can be deployed as dedicated systems, but these days they are usually enabled in the existing firewall under license. As such, you not only benefit from attractive procurement costs, but you also reduce your operational costs, since no additional security components are operated or need to be administered.

Controlware can help you to plan, install and operate your firewall and IPS systems.

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Team Information Security
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