Firewalling (NGFW & UTM)

NGFW (Next Generation Firewalls) and UTM appliances (Unified Threat Management) have replaced traditional firewalls in many companies, and they are often the first choice when networks need to be segmented and communication protected from attacks.

A NGFW enables internal IT systems to be divided up into security classes and services to be separated from one another by a strategic network segmentation – so that internal attacks are blocked and network anomalies are prevented from spreading. If necessary additional functions can be added to the platforms to achieve a greater level of security.

Controlware will not just protect your office environment but also, if required, your production and remotely controlled networks. We can develop solid strategies, create secure paths into the IT world and integrate your production systems into the environment.

Strategic segmentation:

  • (Internal) segmentation is an elementary tactical measure to minimise operational risks
  • There are many potential solutions, depending on the communication and organisational structure
  • Depending on the structure chosen, there are many systems which can be implemented

Controlware can help you to plan, install and operate your NGFW architecture – including in challenging, virtualised environments.

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