Server-, Endpoint- & Device-Security

Given the growing number of professional, highly developed cyber-attacks, providing your servers, endpoints and devices with reliable protection is increasingly important. It is no longer enough to protect the application and file servers in office environments from unauthorized attacks and malware. These days mobile IT devices, which are often in the attackers’ sights, and production environments also need to be given reliable protection from attacks by white collar criminals and data thieves.

Proven protection measures include:

  • Protection for physical and virtual servers
  • Protection for end devices (anti-malware, personal firewall, HIPS, DLP)
  • Advanced Prevention with Machine Learning Algorithms
  • NG Endpoint Features with Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Hard disk encryption
  • USB port monitoring
  • Data leak prevention
  • Client sandboxing for APT attacks
  • Access control (NAC)
  • Software distribution for client & applications
  • Microsoft environments optimised and hardened
  • Vulnerability scanning

Controlware can help you to plan, install and operate high-performance server, endpoint and device security environments, and help you to provide your critical systems with reliable protection against criminal attacks.

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Team Information Security
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