Email and Data Encryption

Encrypting your emails and data media reliably is more important than ever. Email has become the established, most important communication channel in many companies, but it provides absolutely no protection for the data being transmitted, which can easily be read by unauthorised persons. The situation is the same when transferring data using on-site or cloud-operated file transfer servers, as a high level of user convenience is often bought by reducing security.

So in business environments only encrypted communication channels are the only option when transmitting confidential information by email and file transfer. There are now a number of solutions in the market which recipients can use, even when they have no technical skills, to participate in high-quality, encrypted communication. In this way you can quickly and easily transparently integrate secure, confidential communications for the benefit of your partners, suppliers and customers.

Controlware can help you to plan, install and operate solutions for encrypting emails and file transfers, and thus enable you to routinely share data and information of any confidentiality level quickly, easily and reliably.

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Team Information Security
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