Privilege & Rights Monitoring

Authorisation – the granular regulation of users’ rights to access IT devices, application data and files – is a key part of most external and internal security policies.

A prerequisite for reliable authorisation is an established process which takes into consideration every issue throughout the company – from requesting and granting access to the target systems, through monitoring compliance, to cancelling the rights when the employee leaves the company. Auditors and CISOs also need to be notified quickly and in detail about any behavioural anomalies when users access files. This is the only way in which one can verify at an early stage whether an employee has, for example, modified critical data without authorisation, or been given too many rights.

Dedicated privilege & rights monitoring solutions enable the IT operations team to view the user access rights that have been issued and inherited on a range of platforms in easy-to-read reports – so they help you to keep an overview of authorisations within the company.

Using a privilege & rights monitoring solution offers many benefits:

  • Shows all the company’s access rights
  • Audit folder permissions across all servers
  • Identify changes in rights management
  • Detect file access behavioural anomalies
  • Identify and display changes to critical files in real time
  • Support processes for issuing, monitoring and withdrawing rights
  • Self-service platform for requesting access rights

Controlware can help you to plan and install a rights monitoring solution.

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