Authentication Solutions

To be able to ensure smooth business processes, risks in IT operations need to be evaluated and, eliminated to the extent possible. One of the core issues in making processes secure is clearly identifying every user and assigning the appropriate access rights to downstream servers and applications.



We can help you to plan, install and operate your authentication environment

Sound authentication solutions may include:

  • Username/password added after a risk assessment
  • Conventional one-time-token (OTP) for standard tasks
  • Software tokens as a cheap alternative
  • Mobile apps for logging in via a second communication channel
  • Certificates (smartcard, USB stick) for the application login
  • Implement on servers, as an appliance or as an off-the-shelf SaaS service (cloud)
  • Use of fingerprint sensors from mobile devices
  • Password sent by SMS services
  • Grid technology
  • Creation of a user portal for user self services (e.g. password reset, token management)
  • Secure login to external SaaS services (Salesforce, Office 365, etc.)
  • Single-sign-on feature to improve user acceptance

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Team Information Security
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