Disk Storage

In modern companies there are enormous amounts of data that need to be analysed, stored, processed and, at a given moment, deleted. Depending on the type of data, the business operation’s needs and any compliance requirements, particular types of storage and backup mechanisms are better suited than others.

Whether your specific requirements can be mapped with an all-in-one system or whether using dedicated storage media such as Flash, SAS or NL-SAS for your specific applications is more suitable depends entirely on your objectives. Making a decision about a storage topology for which you can now choose between powerful technologies such as grid storage, scale-up or scale-out systems, fibre channel, SAS and iSCSI connections is similarly a highly individual choice.

Proven solutions in this area include:

  • FC or iSCSI or SAS hard disk RAID system
  • Storage administration
  • Storage management
  • NAS system / filer
  • All-flash array
  • Storage grid
  • Object storage

Controlware can give you with in-depth advice on choosing the solutions that best suit you, and can help you to plan, install and operate your central storage environment.

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