Backup & Recovery

Availability is one of the main issues when evaluating the IT operation – and a basic issue in availability is preventing data losses. Or, as it has been known, backup and restore.

Different technologies were always required to back up and restore different applications. Alongside the familiar backup-to-tape, these days backup-to-disk and deduplication have become vital in retaining control of current data volumes in terms of time and capacity.

Snapshot technologies are not only used in this context to catch logical errors in the data inventory. Some vendors now also allow virtual machines to start from the snapshot, which creates major time savings and far more flexible design options in terms of availability.

Possible technologies:

  • Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T)
  • Deduplication
  • SnapShot
  • SnapClone
  • SnapVault
  • SnapMirror
  • CloudBackup
  • SnapShot Management
  • Indexing

Controlware can help you to select a suitable solution, and to design and implement your backup environment.

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Team Data Center & Cloud
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