Application Delivery Controller

Providing business-critical applications in a reliable, high-performance, secure way involves a wide range of technologies – load balancers, WAN optimisers, link managers, caching solutions, secure gateways and many more. However, if these solutions are run as dedicated systems they add to the growing complexity in the data centre and, as a result, to rising operational costs.

An Application Delivery Controller (ADC) bundles these functionalities on a single platform. This enables them to be integrated far more easily into the existing network infrastructure and tailored precisely to the specific purposes. Available as a virtual appliance, purpose-built hardware appliance or a modular chassis system, these solutions can satisfy every requirement in terms of performance, availability, flexibility and compliance (FIPS, PCI, etc.).

Controlware has been an active partner of the three market leaders in the ADC sector – Citrix, F5 and Radware – for many years. Our involvement in the area means that we can provide you with high-level advice, implement your solution quickly and reliably, and provide all-round support as you operate it.

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