Software Defined Storage

Currently, the options for automation and orchestration are essential properties of all of the components in the data centre. Software defined storage (SDS) takes account of this need in relation to data centre storage systems. 

The term Software Defined storage is broadly interpreted depending on the manufacturer and its offer. While manufacturers of storage virtualization promote their proven technology today as SDS, other manufacturers refer to SDS as the software-supported structure of a service catalogue with interfaces to the management tools of storage hardware from different systems. Some other manufacturers label SDS as the pooling of the server-integrated storage capacity in a cluster or grid.

SNIA defines Storage Defined Software as follows:

Virtualized storage with a service management interface. SDS includes pools of storage with data service characteristics that may be applied to meet the requirements specified through the service management interface.

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Controlware has long standing experience in all types of sorts of Software defined storage and will gladly assist you in selecting, implementing and operating innovative and proven technologies.

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