Data Center Infrastructure Management

In addition to the IT systems, high availability services of a robust data center require basic infrastructure on which these services can be built. But how can you visually plan (3D) and monitor the data centre, the basic infrastructure and the IT systems? And how can you determine whether you can install a server at a specific point in the rack? Furthermore, are electrical connections or network ports available?

Special Data Centre Infrastructure Management systems help you in this regard by giving you a 3D view of your data centre and allowing you to monitor all the systems. 

Typical topics related to Data Centre Infrastructure Management

  • Visual planning of a data center including all the components
  • Monitoring and Alerting all your network connections worldwide (graphical view)
  • Simulation of heat distribution in the data center
  • Monitoring of all components such as air conditioning, UPS, Server, etc.
  • Alarm for threshold violations
  • Visual wiring layout up to the port level
  • Documentation 

We shall be glad to provide you advice and support in selecting the right DCIM tools and assist you in using them efficiently. 

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Team Data Center & Cloud
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