Automation and orchestration are two core elements in any optimal IT operation. The increasing virtualisation of data center resources which is occurring in many areas gives you many opportunities to have standardised IT processes programmed into a workflow. To effectively implement this while looking at the entire data centre – thus at non-virtualised systems too – we adopt an approach in which...

  • all the relevant data is collated efficiently in the data centre– no matter what the volume, source or structure
  • the importance of this data is recorded so that automation and orchestration can be properly targeted
  • you can offer IT consumers your IT services in a standardised way so that costs can be correctly assigned

Exploiting our extensive experience, we take advantage of the options offered by modern Microsoft operating systems and hypervisor suites, and the benefits of solutions based on semantic technologies and in-memory databases. In this way, all the function levels in the data center and all the common hypervisor, server, storage and network products can be integrated – from the automation of individual tasks through to IT-as-a-Service.

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Team Data Center & Cloud
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