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As a data center operator you face the challenge of constantly improving the efficiency of your infrastructure, irrespective of the increasing number of components and applications and the ever-briefer time-to-deliver.

A key factor in potentially achieving this improved efficiency is large-scale automation and orchestration. A prerequisite for this automation is a deep level of standardisation, which is best achieved by deploying as many of the same types of device as possible.

Vendors offer three different approaches for this:

  • Reference architectures deploy tested constellations to ensure that components from different manufacturers work trouble-free with one another. This enables the implementation phase to be shortened.
  • Converged systems go further by also providing a vendor-neutral service with no finger-pointing if there is a fault, and tested upgrade kits for the entire stack.
  • Hyperconverged systems are appliances that bundle the entire stack, including network, storage, compute and virtualisation, in a single device. Built as grid architectures, hyperconverged systems can replace a large portion of a data centre’s infrastructure. In this way you reduce administration and service points and increase overall efficiency.

Controlware can help you to select a suitable solution and to design and implement your converged systems. As a vastly experienced partner, we will ensure that the infrastructure performs well, is stable and future-proof, and can be operated economically.

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