In recent years, video conferencing has become a cornerstone of corporate communication. Video conferencing systems are already an integral part of many companies' conference rooms, but also serve as an effective working tool for employees at the workplace or on mobile devices.

Videoconferencing not only plays a role in communication between employees, but also simplifies important business processes involving collaboration between employees and partner, live customer service or online training.

Thanks to their user-friendliness the set-up is very simple and hardly differs from placing a call with a telephone. Obstacles like complicated handling or interoperability problems with different manufacturers belong firmly in the past.

In addition to the data center-based installations that have long been available, today's global cloud conferencing services offer a comprehensive range of functions at attractive prices. In particular small and medium-sized companies can benefit from the attractive cloud offers, as they gain access to a sophisticated technology that only bigger companies could afford in the past. Also, companies with different international locations that prefer not to deal with the installation, maintenance and monitoring of their own hardware and software at each office are increasingly resorting to the highly available cloud. Another advantage being that the cloud offers better budgeting capabilities during the term.

We would love to introduce you to the solutions available today. As always, we remain independent of the manufacturer and will work with you to develop a future-proof concept tailored to your needs.




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