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Through digitalization, our daily communication is inevitably changing. The demand for video content is higher than ever. The company's requirements follow the consumer trends, because video has long been an indispensable medium there. Several million "clicks" on social networks and video portals speak for themselves. The success results from the simplicity of use: audio-visual content is easier remembered than pages of text or an impersonal telephone conference.

Added value is created very quickly by accelerating the transfer of knowledge within your own company. In addition, the use of modern media such as enterprise video streaming makes it possible to present the company's own competence externally better visually - All this in just a few simple steps.

Corporate management also benefits from streaming live video content (webcasts) by allowing employees, customers and partners to be informed scheduled or on the fly – regardless of where the individual participants are located, or which devices are available. Even a client installation is not necessarily due to the use of modern HTML5 web browser technology.

When integrating a suitable video streaming/portal solution into your existing infrastructure, you not only benefit from our expertise in that field but also our certified know-how in the areas of network and IT security, going hand in hand.

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