Though the use of mobile telephony via the public mobile network is ever increasing, DECT is still an indispensable radio technology in many companies due to the secure encryption, resilience and long range, even in difficult building parts, e.g.

  • (Producing) Industry
  • safety facilities
  • office environments
  • health care
  • retail
  • training
  • logistics

Besides the necessary infrastructure of radio transmitters and server appliances, customers have the choice of a wide range of end devices to cover all possible needs: standard handheld devices for office environments and waterproof, explosion-proof and chemically resistant DECT telephones for the production industry. For environments requiring further defence mechanisms, there are sensors for positioning and inclination or a call button for personal protection. DECT smartphones with optical scanners complete the portfolio.

Our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions concerning DECT telephony, and design suitable concept for your company. Of course, they can also help with the installation



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