Business Headsets and Hands-free Kits

Today, professional high-end business headsets are a staple of the basic equipment of ergonomic office workstations and enable the integration of smartphones, desk phones or PC softphones. It doesn't matter whether corded, wireless via DECT standard or via universal Bluetooth – all connections offer unsurpassed sound quality. Business Headsets with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) also actively counteract ambient noise and enable pleasant phone conversations even in noisy office environments.

  • DECT headsets
    Headsets based on DECT are the most frequently used solutions at any office. They are lightweight, can be used in large numbers side by side and offer wireless freedom.
  • Bluetooth Headsets
    Bluetooth headsets are becoming increasingly attractive due to their versatility, as they can play music in hi-fi quality in addition to speech - both from a PC and a smartphone. Over and above, they protect the user from the outside world by passive and, if necessary, active noise suppression.
  • Corded headsets
    Corded headsets are the classics among telephone headphones and combine the best voice quality with the highest comfort. Despite their lightweight construction (from 49 g), they are unbeatable sturdy thanks to the unbreakable microphone arm and Kevlar-reinforced cable.
  • Mobile hands-free kits
    Due to the increasing integration of corporate telephony into PC environments, the demand for portable plug & play hands-free kits with universal Bluetooth connection is increasing. Intelligent microphones and crystal-clear sound in HD quality make them ideal for everyday use.

Controlware supports you in selecting and introducing the right business headsets and hands-free kits that suit your needs.



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