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Most companies are advised to provide desktops and applications centrally, for both technical and financial reasons. Server-based computing (SBC) has established itself as a secure, high-performance technology in the remote desktop & application sector – and it works reliably whatever the access location, the network connection or the user’s device.

Centralising resources substantially cuts down the IT department’s administrative workload, so it enables operating costs to be reduced over the long term. It also enables the security measures required to be implemented more easily and effectively. And as the necessary IT systems are used by many people simultaneously, equipment is used far more intensively, as result of which IT efficiency increases.

Working from our extensive experience in the areas of application delivery, servers, virtualisation, storage, security and networks, we always look at the provision of desktops and applications holistically – and also bear in mind the dependencies and interrelationships with your company’s IT infrastructure.

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Team Application Delivery
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