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Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions enable you to properly manage and reliably protect mobile devices, data and apps – so they are regarded highly in many companies.

It is true that, for many employees, mobile working has long been the norm. But this is often also bound up with using a wide range of mobile devices and many mobile apps. On top of which, the personal use of company devices, and the business use of personal devices gives rise to many questions. Moreover, the user’s desire to easily access data and applications at anytime, anywhere and with any device continues to present IT departments with a huge challenge.

  • MDM solutions are used to manage and protect mobile devices and the business data on them – and they also cover basic applications such as mobile email, calendars, remote access and many others.
  • A MAM system – often as a complement to a MDM system – is useful wherever a company’s own mobile apps or freely available apps are to be operated in a secure, regulated manner.

Controlware can help you to select suitable MDM and MAM systems, connect and protect your mobile users, and operate the solutions in a stable, efficient manner.

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Team Application Delivery
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