Enterprise File Sharing

The day-to-day work of employees in companies and official bodies is characterised by working together in changing teams and projects. In so doing, files and documents are often shared – with internal and external employees, but also with individuals of whom not much is known. And mobile employees, too, require access to a great deal of sensitive, confidential data which needs to be synchronised for offline access on their mobile devices. A traditional email system is not ideal for all these tasks.

Enterprise file sharing enables files and documents to be efficiently and securely shared with individuals from outside the company too – and only uses protocols that have been created for secure, high-performance transmission over the Internet. Access permissions and expiry dates for the data being shared prevent any access by undesirable third parties.

With our portfolio of solutions your specific requirements in terms of user convenience, scope of functionality, integration, security, data protection and the cost-effectiveness of your enterprise file sharing solution can be optimally mapped. We can help you to specify your needs, provide advice on choosing a suitable solution, and we shall be happy to do the implementation too.

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