Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation can always show off your strengths when desktops and applications (see also Remote Desktop & Application) are to be provided centrally – and the users want more personalisation and flexibility than traditional terminal server technology offers them.

In a virtualised desktop infrastructure every user is given “his” or “her” client operating system with “his” or “her” applications – with administration rights where necessary. If anything goes wrong the other users are not affected and the employee who is fond of experimenting has their functioning system restored again within seconds. So the technology combines the advantages of customisable FAT-clients and the central SBC approach with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of virtualised IT.

Projects in this area need to take many dependencies and interrelationships into account. The following issues are some of those that you will need to bear in mind:

  • Select the remoting protocol
  • Backup & recovery
  • Basic services such as Microsoft domains, DNS, DHCP, etc.
  • Integrate CAD workstations
  • Image and application management
  • Security issues in the access area and in virtualised environments
  • WAN bandwidths, increased latency and jitter values
  • The scaling and availability of the solution as a whole
  • Storage performance and capacity optimisation
  • Dealing with third party devices (BYOD)
  • User environment management

Controlware can help you to select a suitable solution, and to design and implement your virtualised desktops. As a highly experienced partner, we will ensure that the infrastructure performs well, is stable, is future-proof and can be operated cost-effectively.

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