All-IP: Now set the right course!

The clock is ticking: By 2019 at the latest, the last ISDN connections are likely to be taken off the grid. And you should not rely on the grace period for complete removal, which has been extended several times: The notice of termination of your ISDN connection may arrive in your letter box any time. So proceed with the upgrade early in order to avoid unnecessary time pressure - It would be best to use our check list for successfully completing the migration.


The transition to All-IP provides you and your company many starting points for improving the usability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the PBX environment. But do not forget that it is a complex project that delves deep into your business-critical operations - and involves external experts with implementation experience and cross-divisional competence, at an early stage.                                             

Controlware has over 35 years of experience in the implementation and operation of sophisticated networks, security and communications environments. Based on our comprehensive know-how we are there to assist you through all the phases of the project and help your company to exploit the full potential of the All-IP.



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