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We plan and implement challenging IT and telecoms projects for our clients – in a wide range of sectors.

Networks link people and devices and enable information to be shared – at any time and anywhere, and in ways that are increasingly automated. Issues such as functionality, stability, scalability, cost efficiency and future-proofing are absolutely core. Controlware can help you to select suitable components and to plan and implement networks – and we can remain your point of contact once you go live, too.

Efficient collaboration is a deciding factor to stay ahead of competition these days. We will work with you to identify the communication technologies that benefit your business while ensuring highest quality and availability, we can of course help you with the technical roll-out, and the launch.

  • Consulting Collaboration

    Sie stehen vor der Herausforderung, Ihre gewachsene Kommunikations-Infrastruktur zur Optimierung der Arbeitsabläufe neu zu organisieren? Sie haben Bedarf, auf IP-basierte Telefonie umzustellen? Ihre Mitarbeiter und Kunden erwarten flexibler Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten?

  • Collaboration Solutions

    Modern collaboration solutions provide a variety of ways to make business collaboration easier and more efficient. Project teams can be separated both physically and organizationally. It does not matter if employees are located at other company sites or in other departments.

  • Collaboration Add-Ons

    Collaboration and communication solutions can be individually enhanced with performance features to increase productivity and give the company a decisive technological edge.

Your company’s data is under permanent threat. IT systems are easily attacked when no tough security measures are in place. The consequences can be disastrous. Sensitive data can end up in the wrong hands, and entire networks can be paralysed. Protect your critical assets with a bespoke strategy.

IT makes a positive contribution towards a company’s success when issues of availability, performance and cost-effectiveness are dealt with adequately when providing applications and data. To achieve this, the entire provision chain – from presentation, through processing to archiving – needs to be looked at.

High-performance data center provide the basis for efficient, secure business processes.

  • Consulting Data Center & Cloud

    Unsere Consultants stellen Ihnen ihr Wissen und ihre Erfahrung gern zur Verfügung. Sie haben die Wahl zwischen vordefinierten, kurzfristig einsetzbaren Consulting Paketen und individuell abgestimmten Beratungsleistungen der Controlware Spezialisten.

  • Public Cloud Services

    Controlware unterstützt die Cloud Strategie Ihres Unternehmens durch Beratung, Architektur, Implementierung und Betrieb. Dabei setzen wir auf die Services der marktführenden Anbieter sowie der ausschließlich in Deutschland betriebenen Controlware Cloud.

  • DC & Cloud-Operations

    The operation of data centers has changed fundamentally. We advise you on how today's management systems work, how to achieve high automatisation and how to keep IT systems and the infrastructure of data centers under control.

  • Virtualization

    The virtualization of all the relevant data center resources – servers, storage, network, security and availability services – is the key to large-scale automation and agility in the data center.

  • Compute

    This is to do with the computing power in the company’s own data center. We can advise you on selecting the right hardware for your applications, configure the virtualisation layer and, if required, operate your server infrastructure.

  • Storage

    There can be no data processing without data, and there can be no data without storage. For a cost-effective storage strategy, the storage needs to be precisely tailored to suit your requirements in terms of performance, availability and throughput.

  • DC-Security

    The data center is the nerve center of every company. For this reason, an optimal mix of effective security technologies and processes must also secure the data center.

  • DC-Network

    Modern network architectures for the data center are characterised by virtualisation, fabric switching and convergence strategies. Application delivery controllers ensure that the data center’s interfaces to the consumers and providers of the IT services are secure, available and high-performing.

  • Passive Infrastructure

    In addition to the IT systems, high-availability services require a solid data center base on which they are build. Learn how these infrastructures can be built according to business requirements.

By integrating high-level IT management tools and integrating them into proven service models such as ITIL, we can enable you to run thorough health checks on your IT systems and processes. In this way, you can simplify your infrastructure management over the longer term, and you can continuously improve your service quality with in-depth reports.

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