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With our project services we can ensure that your challenging IT projects are implemented professionally and reliably – and help you to achieve your objectives to the required quality within the specified time and budget.

Using a customisable, tried and trusted methodology, our 20+ certified project managers will, should you so request, take over the planning, coordination or management of your projects. We always work to international standards such as Prince2, PMI, IPMA or other best practices, but we can modify our approach to meet your specific requirements.

Our project services consist of six modules:

  • Planning

    In the planning phase we create the foundations for a successful project. We use a multi-phase strategy. During the project kick-off we work with you to define the key milestones for the project as a whole, plus a provisional schedule and budget. In parallel with this, we then draw up a short-term, detailed plan for the next steps which is updated regularly. In this way we always retain an overview of the whole as well as of the minor details.

  • Quality Management

    To ensure that you achieve the project objectives that were first drawn up, we use an end-to-end quality management system in every phase of the project. Based on measurable, practical quality goals, our project managers monitor and manage compliance with all the jointly agreed quality parameters. Comprehensive documentation keeps you, the client, up to date with the project’s progress and ensures all the communication paths are kept short.

  • Risk Management

    As your project grows in complexity, careful risk management is increasingly important. Our project managers will work with you to draw up a clear process for identifying potential risks to the project early on, evaluating and monitoring them and, if necessary, taking counter-measures. This means that you will be armed for any eventuality or emergency, and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • Project Monitoring and Management

    A project manager’s main tasks on a project include monitoring and managing the various work packages. We will ensure that your newly integrated IT systems are configured as was specified and that they run smoothly. We will make sure that you can see the project’s status at any time and document any configuration changes, and ensure that there are clear interfaces within the project and operation team.

  • Change Management

    Even when a project has been planned carefully in multiple stages, it is inevitable that there will be changes as it progresses, if only because a vendor is suffering from delivery bottlenecks. Our project managers will help you to evaluate the changes required, and implement them within specified tolerances. They will take care to minimise impacts on IT services and ensure that the changes are always aligned with the defined project objectives and quality standards.

  • Lessons Learned

    As a systems integrator, we demand of ourselves that we constantly improve our performance. So we work with our clients to carefully analyse every completed project and incorporate the findings into our company-wide, continuous improvement process. As a result we are constantly optimising our project processes and learning to avoid known risks – and we can assure that we will perform even better the next time we collaborate.

Our project managers, without exception, have an excellent technical and/or business background and bring with them a great knowledge of many subjects in all areas of IT. You will find them to be reliable, knowledgeable sources of information at every project phase, always ready to help you in word and deed.



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