Managed Services

Our service skills for your IT infrastructures

With our Managed Services, over 70 experienced IT experts can deliver a wide range of bespoke operational services – from simple red-green component management through to running your entire infrastructure.

All of our services are delivered via our ISO-27001-certified Customer Service Centre (CSC) in Dietzenbach, which is highly available and stable and complies with German data protection laws. The CSC works 24/7, offers support in both German and English, and can connect directly to your VPN and MPLS infrastructures.

The Managed Services portfolio includes the following areas:

  • Managed Network Services

    In the Managed Network Services area we offer many operational services related to your infrastructure components: from network monitoring through to fully operating your LAN or WAN infrastructure.

  • Managed Security Services

    In the Managed Security Services area we bundle operational services related to your IT security infrastructure. Our portfolio of solutions includes traditional managed services such as operating firewall, IDS and proxy systems, but also innovative SIEM and risk management services as managed services.

  • Managed Risk Management

    Integrating powerful vulnerability management, SIEM and network intrusion detection systems in our Security Operating Centre enables us to monitor your infrastructure’s current risk status, display any relevant security incidents in the central cockpit – thus helping you to resolve incidents effectively.

  • Managed Data Center Services

    In the Managed Data Centre Services area we offer operational services relating to your data centre – for example, operating Windows servers and virtualised environments or providing MS Exchange, AV, AD, backup & restore and other standard applications. We can also take over the monitoring of other IP-based components such as UPSs and air conditioning and temperature sensors.

  • Managed Virtual Data Center Services

    Using a scalable Virtual Data Centre (VDC) architecture we can offer you a broad range of Managed Virtual Data Centre Services. We make the applications available as PaaS or SaaS solutions in ISO-27001 and BDSG (German Data Protection Act) certified data centres – with business-grade SLAs, 24/7 support, a German-speaking service desk and guaranteed data storage in Germany.

Managed Services


Managed Services

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