Novum Capital Management GmbH & Co. KG

Novum Capital invests capital from German and international pension funds, pension plans and foundations in medium-sized companies with annual sales of up to 200 million euros. In this way, Novum Capital helps to ensure that the capital providers can continue to provide financially for their beneficiaries and/or fully pursue their foundation purpose. Novum Capital supports its portfolio companies in improving their market position, increasing their profitability, expanding the benefits of their business models for society - and increasing the value of the company.

Customer since:

Banks and financial services

Frankfurt am Main

Moving an on-premise infrastructure to the Azure Cloud incl. Cloud Managed Service


Novum Capital was looking for a new IT partner with whom it could grow together and in a healthy way. The customer's requirement was to move the entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. In addition, long-term operational support for the customer was desired.

Services & Solutions

  • Controlware takes over the conception, planning and realization.
  • For the move, Controlware's experts created a concept so that the customer's regular operations would not be impaired during a gradual changeover.
  • Inventory of the existing on premise IT infrastructure and adaptation or modernization, taking into account compliance requirements and the security aspect.
  • Relocation of the complete IT infrastructure with an equivalent setup in the cloud.
  • The collaboration solution includes a new video conferencing system for MS Teams and the realization of the complete move for telephony to the cloud.
  • Setup of the cloud managed service.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Flexibility, cost savings and state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Cloud computing enables customers to adapt agilely to growing organizational and process requirements and to integrate new services, technologies and functions more easily. He can access his IT resources regardless of location and scale IT performance quickly and cost-effectively.
  • The cloud solution enables high reliability against failures, ensures data availability and offers stable performance of applications as well as a high security standard.
  • Controlware takes care of network monitoring, management and reporting, ensures the performance, stability and cost-effectiveness of the solution and supports the customer during operation.