Digitisation of the administration

The term "digitisation of administration" should not be understood to mean that all correspondence and documentation is now sent by e-mail instead of on paper. Rather, processes are completely rethought. Controlware helps to rebuild processes and to find and use the right tools so that the processes work reliably for all users.

Protect data

An IT attack on your systems, whether from outside or inside, can not only impair work processes and thus the timely processing of transactions, but in many cases also jeopardise data security. We help you to secure your systems in such a way that they have the maximum possible protection against attacks and at the same time comply with the legal requirements for data integrity, data availability and confidentiality. This includes, among other things, the segmentation of your network infrastructure, your server applications and the encryption of data. This can be achieved by setting up secure WAN/Internet connections with modern firewalls and email/web gateways, introducing identity & access management systems and transparent data encryption or anonymisation. It also makes sense to train your own employees sufficiently so that they recognise targeted attacks (e.g. spear phishing) at an early stage and are sensitised against social engineering.

Collect data

When collecting data, it is essential that citizens trust the service to which they give their data. We create this trust by transparently complying with data protection laws, storing the data in German or European data centres and ensuring that data only has to be entered once. In addition, we work with you to implement applications that are needed, in compliance with the highest security standards.

Process data

Apart from data security, a large amount of data entails two major risks: On the one hand, large amounts of data quickly lead to confusing chaos, and on the other hand, data is worthless if it is not up-to-date. Controlware supports you with state-of-the-art applications to sort your data and assign it to the right process. In this way, you are able to provide your citizen services without losing the overview and only paying for the storage of data that is necessary.

Using data - Digital sovereignty

In principle, once data has been collected, it must be stored securely to ensure that it can be used without hesitation. We establish a modern and sustainable IT infrastructure for you - individually tailored to your needs. It does not matter whether it is completely in your data centre, partially in your data centre or in a rented cloud. Controlware's experts plan, advise and implement the project together with you.

Digital sovereignty means that you and the citizens must be able to exercise their role(s) in the digital world securely, independently and self-determined. Data encryption, which we can set up together with you, helps with this - both during transport, processing and storage of the data.

§ Comply with laws

The collection, storage, use and processing of data is legally regulated by several laws - for example DSGVO, KRITIS-Dachgesetz and OZG. We are happy to help you find out which laws are relevant to your work and advise you on how to implement them in compliance with the law. The topics of governance, risk and compliance are not just buzzwords for us, but lived practice. Controlware is certified according to ISO 27001:2017 and ISO 9001:2015.

Digital workplace

The digital workplace is a central component of the modern working world and has gained enormous importance in recent years. By integrating digital technologies, software applications and communication tools, the digital workplace enables a more flexible and efficient way of working. Employees can access important information and resources regardless of time and location, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and complete tasks more efficiently. The implementation of encrypted communication platforms and security protocols ensures that data is protected from unauthorised access.


Our glossary defines some technical terms and explains frequently used expressions.



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