Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Security offers a comprehensive range of innovative security solutions, including a modern SASE Web Protection solution and a state-of-the-art on-premise proxy appliance. These solutions are designed to protect organizations whether or not they choose to move their IT processes to the cloud. Skyhigh's SASE Web Protection solution provides secure and seamless connectivity for mobile workers and cloud applications. For customers who prefer to run their IT infrastructure on-premise, the proxy appliance provides a powerful solution for protecting Internet access and traffic. Skyhigh Security enables organizations to choose the optimal security strategy for their unique requirements. To ensure seamless integration and efficient use of these solutions, working with an experienced IT security partner is critical. This partner assists in the selection, configuration and implementation of the solutions to provide customers with comprehensive protection.

Partner since :

2007 (McAfee)

Partner Status :

Advanced Partner


Skyhigh Security