Guardstack GmbH

The software company GuardStack GmbH (GuardStack) was founded in 2022 by Bethesda Group to address the civil market with the very successfully established software portfolio XONITOR and RIDUX.

GuardStack is continuously developing the portfolio towards the civilian market and has a broad customer base of companies from all industries and of all sizes.

Originally developed for the military market, the RIDUX software suite includes numerous functionalities that provide clear and unique added value for critical infrastructure and private 4G/5G mobile networks. RIDUX offers a full-featured communications and information middleware, including a 4G/5G cellular core, based on a decentralized architecture that can be used for highly dynamic applications.

The XONITOR software suite is an IT, OT and IOT monitoring solution for complex, heterogeneous networks from a wide range of manufacturers. It has been successfully implemented for years and is continuously developed further based on customer feedback and emerging market requirements. GuardStack helps its customers to keep their finger on the pulse of the ever more complex system landscapes at all times. In particular, the increasingly networked IT landscapes - the heart of every company - make proactive, vendor-independent monitoring absolutely essential.

With more than 25 years of market experience and feedback from hundreds of users, GuardStack's software is continuously adapted to current needs. The result of this continuous development is a software solution that now has a unique set of features that provide you with unparalleled added value.

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