Hochschule Koblenz

The University of Koblenz has its origin in a renowned school of engineering and offers several technical courses. Courses in Economics and Social sciences and arts complement the range of subjects. Six faculties focus on two major interdisciplinary lines of research at the three locations: the RheinMosel Campus in Koblenz, the RheinAhr Campus in Remagen and the WesterWald Campus in Höhr-Grenzhausen. Special emphasis is also placed on internationality at the university. Several cooperation agreements with universities around the world enable the international exchange of teachers and students. Around 8,800 young men and women currently study at the three locations.

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Education and science


  • Modernising the campus LANs at the Koblenz and Remagen locations


The University of Koblenz needed a new LAN concept for the Remagen and Koblenz campuses, which are starting to show their years. A primary requirement was to harmonise both LANs and to use network components from a single manufacturer.

Services & Solutions

  • Conceptualisation, planning and implementation
  • Survey of the network infrastructure at the Remagen and Koblenz locations
  • WLAN coverage of the Koblenz campus
  • Care Service with Service Desk, Expert Hotline & Remote Diagnosis
  • Delivery, installation and commissioning of the hardware components Cisco Catalysts 6800, WLAN Controller 5520 (redundant), Series Switches 2960x, several Nexus Switches for the Data Centre

Advantages & Benefits

  • New functionalities and better performance with networking technology designed for the future
  • Reduction of the administrative outlay by harmonising the two campuses


Focus subjects:
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