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  • CUNA (Controlware Universal Network Appliance)


The customer was looking for a flexible, universal solution for the internationally distributed network, taking the following points into account: Network protocol analysis (sniffing), checking data traffic for anomalies, measuring latency, and general troubleshooting.  The deployed hardware also had to integrate into the customer's network environment; i.e. integrate into existing logging and authorization systems. International support for the deployed hardware had to be guaranteed.

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With the Controlware Universal Network Appliance it was possible to satisfy the customer's requirements. Proactive network management makes it possible to centrally monitor and control the IT resources and processes distributed across multiple sites. The Appliance monitors the response times between the sites and the results can be evaluated centrally. Regarding security too, our solution examines network traffic for anomalies and attacks, and logs all activities. Since its introduction there have been numerous subsequent orders for the Appliance, and the 4th hardware generation is currently in use. The product line has also been continuously expanded, for example with CUNA XXL, a virtualization platform as well as CUNA Minion, a mini version, which is primarily used in smaller branch offices.


  • The customer profits from an appliance that can be seamlessly integrated, and gains a solution that is more economical than comparable stand-alone solutions (sniffers), for example.
  • Both flexible adaptation as well as constant expansion are possible.
  • The Appliance can be operated and restored through a secure remote maintenance interface, guaranteeing international support by Controlware experts.
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