Based in Ismaning, Antenne Bayern is a private radio network offering the widest coverage in all of Germany, and has been broadcasting nonstop since September 1988. Its 24-hour general channel is a mix of AC (Adult Contemporary) radio with elements of music, information, entertainment and service.

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Media and Publishing


  • Expanding and upgrading IT infrastructure


  • Increasing data volumes have resulted in the need to expand and upgrade the IT infrastructure.
  • Expanding the core and server environments and the NAC solution to ensure improved broadcasting reliability.

Services & Solutions

  • Replacing the old switches in the campus/user-access area with a new future-proof generation.
  • Expanding the core environment and existing server environment with solutions provided by Extreme Networks.
  • Integrating the existing NAC solution in order to monitor and protect network access.
  • Installing and implementing the Extreme Analytics solution in the data centre and campus network.

Advantages & Benefits

  • WLAN solution easily integrated into the existing IT landscape.
  • Improved security and user-friendliness as a result of the new NAC solution.
  • The Controlware Care Service gives customers access to the Service Desk and Trouble Ticket System, as well as the experts hotline incl. remote diagnostics.
  • Improved reliability to ensure smooth broadcasting around the clock.
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