Referenz Optimierung IT-Infrastruktur für Apps


IT service provider for the state government
  • Application Delivery Controller and Application Load Balancer – planning, supply and installation


The customer wishes to optimise his business applications, and also to improve the reaction times and system stability of various applications. The existing load balancers are to be replaced by newer and more powerful equipment. Controlwear's experts have already provided assistance for the customer's initiatives during the planning and conception phase.

Services & Solutions

  • support in planning, construction and installation
  • ordering and delivery of Radware Application Delivery Controller & DNS Load Balancing Equipment and associated hardware and software components
  • customising and integration of the new load balancer
  • maintenance in the form of troubleshooting, replacement of defective equipment in addition to firmware and software updates
  • disposal of old equipment


With the new Application Delivery Controller (ADC)- and Application Load Balancing solutions, the customer will be investing in the future and simultaneously optimising the availability, power and safety of company-critical applications. Controlware will take over the tasks which will relieve the customer of logistic, resource-intensive and maintenance tasks.

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